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Snails hate garlic – fact or grower’s myth? What's best - cow or horse manure? Take a look at the hot topics in the Forum, chat and join in the debate.

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Section: Growing

January crops

What are you growing this month?
Tags: suggest, january, pots

What are you growing?

What are you growing this month? Got some planting tips to share? Looking for ideas on what to plant in your area this season? Tell us what you're up to on the forum.

Section: Harvesting

What are you harvesting?

Got some big plans for this seasons crops or some sage advice on when to harvest ? Why not share them with the Landshare community. Maybe you have succeeded in having a regular fruit and veg supply all year. Here is the place to tell others all about it.

Section: Local Events

Local event in your area

Do you have an event coming up in your area that you want to tell the Landshare Australia community about? Or did you have a great day at a recent event that you want to get off your chest? Tell everyone about it here.

Section: Soil

Milkwood Permaculture

We are a permaculture business based on a small family farm, grounded in the ethics of earth care, people care & fair share.

As part of our business structure we invest and contribute to the communities that we work in through donations

Rockingham Landsharers

A place for landsharers Rockingham and surrounding areas to connect.

Purple Pear Organics

We would love for this to be a place that people could meet to be part of the community we are building at Purple Pear. This could well be a hub for information transfer on available education and needs within the community.

The Veggie Lady

Can you relate to any of these problems …

  • Paying too much for food?
  • Want to grow your own, but don’t know where to start?
  • Already have a veggie patch, but have a few problems?
  • W

The GPT Group

The GPT Group�is a property company with broad access to capital invested in quality assets which, through proactive management, creates great customer experiences

In 2010, GPT entered into a long-term partnership with the Stephanie Alexander


We offer Permaculture and Organic Garden Design and Maintenance,� � �� Green Interior Design/Decoration and Retail Organic Health and Beauty Products.

We also now have a newly completed Permaculture & Native

Addison Road Community Garden

Addison Road Community Garden

Permaculture Inner North

Do you enjoy growing your own food? Interested in organic gardening? Do you live in the Darebin, Moreland or Yarra areas of Melbourne? If you are interested in sharing gardening tips and sustainability ideas, swapping plants and produce, or meeting peo

Northern Acitive Permaculture Enthusiests (Northern APEs)

Anyone north of the river in Perth is welcome, head to the Permie WA website and get in touch and build so community with us.

Transition Kwoorabup Denmark Landshare

Transition Kwoorabup-Denmark (TKD) is a not-for-profit community group - run by volunteers - that aims to help build self-reliance, resilience and re-localization in Denmark (West Australia) in response to peak-oil and climate change. The group was ori

An Authentic Life

An authentic life is a journey - take it with us and share in the joys of becoming the person we were always meant to be.

Each journey is different, every path new, e


At Ganael, we believe that a sustainable lifestyle is possible regardless of the size or nature of your organisation, community, or family.

We offer a range of workshops and 'food forest walks' at our demonstration property - Satchitanan

Edible Landscapes Australia

Edible Landscapes is a coalition of consultants with expertise in organic gardening, permaculture, community development, communication and environmental education. We offer a wide variety of consultancy services tailored to client needs and visions in

Crop and Swap

The Crop & Swap is a local food swap in the lower Blue Mountains. It's a monthly event where people who love to grow or make their own food can come together, swap items and share a cuppa!

If you grow your own fruit or vegetables, have c


W.U.F. is a community initiative to connect the Frankston families and people living in the Karingal & Whistlestop areas (within Dalpura Circuit) for the purpose of education regarding sustainable living & food swaps by information sharing.&nbs

Food forests

Communities creating opportunities.

Condamine Catchment Community Exchange

It is a cashless trading system that puts people in touch with others who have goods and services they wish to trade.� April is "all about gardening" month.� See our stall at the Nobby Country Market, Sister Kenny Park, Nobby Saturday 6th April and

Adelaide Amateur Growers

Just forming this group to try conjour up interest around Adelaide.

I assume most of us are here because we have seen River Cottage and want to, if even in some small way, want to replicate a sustainable living from our garden.


Sydney Growers

A place for Sydney landshares to connect and collaborate. We run a landshare in Surry Hills (The Bambou) and host gatherings often for our community.

Section: Pests & Diseases

Pest and diseases

Snails, slugs, aphids, fungus and bacteria - when did they all decide your vegie patch was a gourmet restaurant? If you have advice on how to discourage these unwanted guests then please share with the rest of us.

Section: Equipment


Old school gardening tools still the best? Discovered a new gadget that makes gardening easier? Perhaps you've come up with your own invention or a recycling idea you'd like to share. Tell us your ideas and discoveries here or just jump on to discuss your
Tags: tools, equipment

Section: Eating and Cooking

Eating and cooking

Got some great ideas on what to do with all those excess pumpkins and cucumbers? Tell us your recipes for sensible seasonal eating and preserving.
Tags: cucumber, recipe

Section: The great giveaway

The great giveaway

Do you have unwanted equipment, seeds, plants or any other gardening aid that you would like to pass on to a good home? List it here along with the area of the country that you are in.
Tags: palm, kentia, sydney

Section: Groups

Mandala Market Gardeners

The direction of the group will develop over time with input from the members.

Tags: pics, gardens, mandala

Permaculture City and Eastern suburbs

Permaculture East meet on the third saturday of every month either at Barrett House on Barrett Place in Randwick, Or at a special event such as other local communtiy gardens, or workshops. Barrett House is a demonstration house showcasing the latest su

Transition Bondi

What does Transition Network do?
Transition Network's role is to inspire, encourage, connect, support and train communities as they self-organise around the transition model, creating initiatives that rebuild resilience, reduce CO2 emissions.

HOPS (Hornsby Organic & Permaculture Support)

To encourage and support our local community to increase organic fruit and vegetable growing and share resources, knowledge, seeds, plants and backyards.

To assist those in our community who can no longer harvest and look after their organic fr

Section: Sustainability


Got an idea on how to we can make our communities more sustainable? How about a personal change we can all make to reduce our environmental impact? Share your ideas here on our forum and let's see if we can turn them into positive action.

Section: Chat

Room for a good chinwag - about anything you like

Just want to chew the cud with fellow landsharers? Have a good chat about anything you like right here.

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Donec vitae elit ipsum, id mollis justo. Vivamus egestas tristique ipsum ut rutrum. Nam nibh neque, lacinia eget adipiscing sed, viverra quis lectus.

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Donec vitae elit ipsum, id mollis justo. Vivamus egestas tristique ipsum ut rutrum. Nam nibh neque, lacinia eget adipiscing sed, viverra quis lectus.

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